How To Choose A Pool Cleaning Company

Choosing the right pool company can mean the difference between paying too much for mediocre service and getting quality service at reasonable rates. It is essential that you keep your pool clean and healthy, even if you do not intend to use it yourself. For example, if you plan to sell your property, having a ready-to-use swimming pool is going to increase the value drastically. Doing it yourself can result in higher costs and potential damage as you may not be as knowledgeable as professionals. Hiring a pool cleaning service will save you money down the line and prevent any serious damages to your swimming pool.

The first step in finding a good company is doing the research. Simply looking into your local classifieds may render mediocre results. Take a look online as this way you can find reviews of that company and this will help you decide whether they are worth it or not. An honest opinion from consumers who have had an experience with the company is better than an advertisement. Also find that company’s background, this will help you evaluate whether they are experienced or just starting out. There are a numerous amount of companies over saturating the market that are not genuine. Keep in mind that regardless of whether they are a private or public company, they must have a permit and insurance cover.

Another aspect of that company that needs to be researched is whether they have an operating permit, which is usually issued by the health authority. The regulation states that an operating permit must be posted in a visible place on the premises and that all the requirements of that permit are met. Note that the permit is only valid for the company for which it has been issued. It should also state the terms and conditions for the company. While this may seem trivial, it could mean the difference between you supporting a fraudulent company and supporting a legitimate one.

Staying on the topic of permits, you should also check whether that company offers pool inspectors to view the finished pool to confirm whether it has been installed in accordance with the original permit and that it complies with all regulations. These individuals pay particular attention to ensuring the job has been done right.

Making sure the company you are dealing with has well-trained and trustworthy employees should be your second step. It goes without saying that not all pool cleaners perform the same and prices can often be misleading. At the end of the day, you get what you pay for. With this in mind, perhaps consider forking out a little more for a quality job as opposed to a half-done job that will most likely have you spending more money on finishing it yourself. Contact friends or local pool shops to get an opinion on that company.

A great way to ensure that the company has done their job right is to ask them to provide a comprehensive report on how they cleaned your pool, what the cleanliness will ensure and how to retain the pool’s current condition. They should write up a comprehensive pool safety plan that provides information o how their actions will ensure the health and safety of their customers. For those who own public pools, this is especially important as you can use that document as a certification to your clients. Operators and maintenance technicians must adhere to this document and identify the correct operating procedures to.

Look at the equipment, tools and chemicals used by the pool cleaning company. Things like the vacuum heads, hose, telescoping pole, leaf traps, skimmer nets, pool brushes and so on must be of a certain quality. Look online or contact a friend to get a perspective on what it should be. The cleaning chemicals are also important, evaluate whether they contain ingredients such as chlorine, stain removers and pool adjusters. A company that uses incompetent equipment should be avoided at all costs.

Lastly, it is beneficial to draw up a plan with your company of choice regarding how often the pool cleaning should be done. Some companies may offer “bulk order” type discounts for this type of thing. You should also be issued with a contract outlining the cost and duration if you choose to go down this path. Thereafter, as long as you and your company exchanges services as agreed upon, the process should ensure you have a clean and healthy pool that requires no maintenance from you.

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