4 Useful Bits Of Pool Maintenance Advice

Owning and maintaining a swimming pool is an enjoyable and rewarding experience. A swimming pool is an investment and a luxury that most people are able to afford. But things can go downhill very quickly if you don’t take care of your summer remedy. Before jumping in, there are numerous precautions and routines that should be carried out in order to ensure the healthiest and enjoyable experience. Below we will discuss the basic pool care routines and tasks that you should be carrying out on a weekly and monthly basis.


If you use your pool often and it is exposed to the natural environment, chances are that there is debris buildup. This is why it is good to invest in a skimmer to get rid of objects in your pool. The process of skimming out surface debris such as leaves and twigs is a process that takes very little time and effort.

During the summer season when you or your guests use the swimming pool frequently, skimming can become an easy daily routine that takes no more than a few minutes. This obviously depends on where you live though. If you are in an area with a large amount of trees and dust, then debris will be a daily issue. Whereas if you have a generally artificial garden around your pool, this won’t be as much of a problem. Either way, a quick clean every now and then doesn’t take too much time or effort. It is also important to dispose of waste in a responsible manner. Make sure it is not in an area where it can blow back into your pool.


The pump inside your swimming pool is one of the most important components in the system. It acts as a device that moves water into the filter so that it can get rid of dirt and debris before sending that water back into the pool. When it comes to running your pump, the size of the pool, the number of swimmers and the pipe will influence how long you need to keep it running during the day.

If you are concerned about electricity costs, then it is better to lower usage. Whereas if your pool is a debris magnet, it is better to run the pump for a few hours daily, but make sure not to run it out and damage any of the components. Without circulation your pool will fail to function properly. Another aspect to consider is the weather. A general rule is that for every 10 degree of temperature, 1 hour of run time should be added to the pump.

Covering it up

The first thing you should buy as a swimming pool owner is a pool cover because chances are, you are not going to be using it throughout the year. Most regions suffer from cold winters where there is no point in trying to swim. At this time covering the pool will prevent debris and leaves from entering the system. Some of the best pool covers are reviewed here.

This in turn saves money as you won’t have to add chemicals and run filters as much as you usually would. A pool cover is also great for preventing animals and children from unintentionally falling in. Setting one up is as easy as getting some sockets around the pool for the clips to be pushed into and running it around the sides. Covers are generally cheap and you will most likely only need one for the entire lifetime of your pool.


Perhaps an unfortunate reality of modern swimming pools, chemicals are essential for their health as they keep the water safe and clean. It is important to test and correct chemical values on a weekly basis. There is a balance between acidity and alkalinity that needs to be achieved, known as a pH value. This should be adjusted according to the following guideline: If it’s over 7.6, increase acid value with something like muriatic acid. Whereas if the value is below 7.4, you will need to increase alkalinity with something like soda ash. If the chlorine levels are below 1 part ppm, you will need to shock your pool. This involves taking some chlorine or alkalinity enhancer, pouring it into a bucket (around 1 pinch) and throwing it into the pool.

With enough dedication, you can easily develop a convenient routine that requires little effort to keep your pool clean and ready for use throughout the year. This will not only keep everything under control, but also save money as it will prevent the need for repairs that may be costly.

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