Spa Pool Maintenance Tips

Owning a spa pool can be a great pleasure. It is relaxing and works well as entertainment for friends and guests, as well as your own family. While spa pools are smaller than normal swimming pools and generally require less maintenance, there are some things to consider and some routines to follow to ensure the correct functioning of your spa pool.

Due to their smaller sizes, spa pools can get dirty much quicker and may become a health hazard if it is not well maintained. Basics precautions like taking a shower before using the pool is a must. Regular cleaning and correctly balanced water is important. If you use your pool often, make sure to change the water frequently as body fluids have nowhere to go in a spa pool and will lay inside the water like a bath. A healthy, crystal clean and fresh spa pool is much better than one filled with dirty water and surrounded by grime. Even if this is not a pressing issue to you, consider the well-being of others who use your spa pool.

On the topic of health, make sure that anyone using your pool does not have history with heart conditions, strokes or high blood pressure. There are a multitude of other health issues that should be researched and considered before using a spa pool. Those with certain conditions should seek medical clearance before using a spa pool. This is important as heated water raises the body temperature, which effectively increases your heart rate and this can cause numerous problems.

Replacing the water in your spa pool is important. How often you need to do it usually depends on the bather load or location, as well as how often it is used. It is recommended to change the water every 8 to 12 weeks or so. But make sure to consult your local professional or included manuals.

When it comes to chemicals, you might be surprised to learn that spa pool water chemistry must actually be tested. It is good to know the chemistry as heated water does mess around with this more than it does in normal swimming pools. Its recommended to test and correct your water’s chemistry around 1 hour before you use your pool. Make sure to add chemicals after you use the spa pool, as opposed to before. Note that the same applies when measuring chemical values. This is to be done after you use the spa pool. This is mainly due to the fact that chemicals are rather unpleasant in such a small pool.

Spa pool chemicals are usually different to those found in a normal pool and must be handled with care. It is never a good idea to mix chemicals in the same container and make sure to add chemicals to water, never the other way around. Containers should be sealed and stored somewhere cool and dry. Also note that chemicals actually do have a shelf life and expired chemicals may cause inaccurate readings and other harmful effects.

It’s a good idea to keep a clean cartridge nearby as this will give you the opportunity to clean the current cartridge without rushing the process. It is better to leave the dirty cartridge to soak for a while in an appropriate cleaning solution while you use the spare filter. Cartridges should be considered as one of the most important components of your spa pool. They are expensive and are essential to the correct functioning of your spa pool. A dirty cartridge can result in a damaged heater as they may be working on an increased pressure/flow as a result of dirt. Note that if you have a sand filter instead of a cartridge, you’ll need to clean your tank out more frequently.

Another thing that you must make sure to avoid is adding other chemicals to your spa pool. This includes bath oils and foam. The reason for this is that they will choke up the spa cartridges and also leave a line of residue around the spa pool. Any other liquid like refreshments should also be kept out of the pool.

Make sure to maintain a consistent water level throughout the spa’s lifetime. The three ways that water is usually lost by is splashing, evaporation and leaks. With this in mind, make sure to inspect every component on a regular basis as this will prevent the cost of repairing damages caused by leaks later on. If your pumps are making strange noises, there is most likely something wrong with them. In which case, turn them off and contact a professional. Sometimes a simple cleaning out or restart can alleviate this problem if it is not too serious.

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