Pool Motor Repair

For proper pool circulation and filtration the pool motor needs to function properly. With proper filtration and pump system maintenance you won’t need to worry about pump motor repairs for years. Occasional malfunctioning happens though.

How the pump works
The pool pump is made up of an electrical motor. The motor spins the impeller driving water into the drains of the pool and forcing it into the filter before returning it to the pool. It also has a strainer basket to ensure the pump is not clogged by large or small debris like leaves. Water flows into the basket first before entering the pump. As water enters the filter prior to circulating into the pool, it removes debris and the smallest of dirt, releasing clean water.

When do you need to repair a pool motor?

When motor is not pumping water – A common problem with the motor is where there’s no water being pumped. We will check the filter and skimmer baskets to ensure there’s no restricted water flow. At times the motor will be taken apart to fix the issue. All pump impeller clogging will need to be fixed if any.

Pump keeps turning off – The timer should be checked if the pump is turning off incessantly or intermittently. If the motor is snapping it might suggest a clogged impeller while humming motor might require replacement of the capacitor. Turning off might also suggest the pump is overheating, particularly for older pool motors. We will have the problem sorted out even if the pump has refused to turn on completely.

Note that pool motor repairs might require an overhaul of the electrical connection. Don’t try to fix electrical connections on your own. Pool motors are fragile and you risk being severely electrocuted. Certified motor pool repair experts will handle everything impeccably.