Pool Pump Repair

To keep your pool functioning and clean, it requires a perfectly working pool pump. The pump sucks up the water and pushes it into the filtration system before releasing it back into the pool clean and ready for use. If your pool pump isn’t working the water will be murky, overcast and filthy. Don’t ignore any of the following common signs:

Loud pump – Pool pumps need repair if they are noisy and loud during operation. At times, only tightening a loose screw or replacement is required. However, if this doesn’t repair the problem a technician will look at the pump while still on. We will check whether the noise is caused by the quivering of the pump hitting an object or the surface. Whether you can pinpoint the problem or not call us for a quick diagnosis and inspection.

Dead/faulty pool pump – If the pump is not functioning, obviously there is a problem. Perhaps the issue is electrical. Since repairing an electrical problem in wet surroundings can be lethal, we insist that you contact us immediately. As licensed and certified professionals we’ll know what to do.

Clogged pump – If the pump is hardly pulling water the problem could be a blocked pump basket or skimmer. Jammed impellers also cause a similar problem. A top quality pool pump repair job will fix these issues straightway.

Air leaks – If your pool pump is sucking air there is a problem. Huge leaks usually begin as minute air leaks. Pinpointing the origin of the problem can be hard for any pool owner. We can examine the air sucking and repair the issues to avoid expensive replacements.