Pool Repair Stuart Florida

Pool repair overview

Your pool is an essential part of your home. Keeping it clean and functioning is vitally important. Into the Blue Pools is your Stuart, Florida pool accessory and equipment repair company. We’re qualified and trained to help with replacements and pool repairs and we incorporate modern technology to do a very thorough and effective job. All the parts we use are top quality and under warranty.


Pool heaters need to remain in top condition all the time. If the heater is either not heating the pool or turning on, contact us immediately. We can repair any heater model and offer quality tips to keep your equipment well maintained and serviced. We’ll get your pool water heating up again just as you love it.

Motors and pumps

Pool motors and pumps are highly specialized complex systems. They also break down when you least expect it. If your pool pump or motor is louder than normal or is making abnormal noises give us a call. Into the Blue Pools technicians will diagnose the mechanical problems and fix your motor or pump fast. We always get to the bottom of the issue.


Are you facing plumbing pool problems? We can repair them. Minor or major leaks can increase your water bill to unexpected highs. Contact us if you believe your pool plumbing has a leak. The way to repair leaks is getting your plumbing in order.

Into the Blue Pools is your residential and commercial pool repair service in Stuart, Florida.